WORDwords is a Wordle-inspired game. Each game is made up of one or more puzzles. Each puzzle is a five-letter word from a different book in the World English Bible. You are simultaneously trying to solve all the puzzles. You win if you solve each puzzle before running out of tries.

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How to Play

For each puzzle, you are trying to guess the five letter word.

Each turn, you either type in five letters on the keyboard, or you can select letters from a pull-down list by clicking on a letter in one of the puzzle words. Only letters that are still possible for that position in that puzzle will be available. Whatever letter you type or select will be shown in all the puzzles (if that letter is still available). For each puzzle, if the letters selected so far don't make up a word that appears in that book then the background behind the word will turn red.

When you select or type-in five letters and hit the "guess" key on the keyboard, if those letters spell a word that appears in at least one of the books used for a puzzle in the game, then your guess is compared to the actual word in each puzzle. If your guess isn't a valid word, then no guess is recorded. Try a different word.

If you've matched one of the words, then a congratulations message will appear, along with some additional information about that word. When you've guessed all the words correctly, an additional congratulations message appears, along with your score, which you can share with your friends. Your score is represented as a percentage, with 100% being the best possible and 0% being the worst possible. (We think that any score above 90% is great!)

For each word that you haven't yet solved, each of the five letters is scored. If the letter is in the word and in the right place, then the background for that letter in your guess for that word will turn green. If the letter appears in the word, but not in the position that you guessed, then the background for the letter will turn yellow. If the letter is not in the word, then the background for that letter will turn grey.

The letter keys on the keyboard will also change color based on the puzzles left to solve. If the letter has been guessed and is no longer possible in any of the remaining puzzles, then the background on that letter key will turn dark grey. If the letter has been guessed and appears in at least one puzzle, then the background on that letter key will turn a color reflecting the best situation in the remaining puzzles, so, for example if the letter is green in at least one remaining puzzle, the background on the key will be green.

If you run out of turns before you've solved all the puzzles (guessed all the words), then you are shown a message of condolence, along with the actual words that were in the puzzle, and your score, which you can also share with your friends.